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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

It starts with a phone consultation and ends with your furry friend elevated to a companion you can trust to follow commands when it matters.

That said, each dog is unique and so are their needs. I personalize training plans and make sure that each of my clients knows and understands what reasonable expectations are depending on their dog. 

When our work is completed you and your dog will have gained confidence and skills to reach your goals. 

Key Points of my Private Sessions:

dog training

Elimination of Biting

Elimination of Disobedience

Elimination of Chewing

Behavioral Consultation / First Lesson Fee


Single Lesson


3-Pack of Lessons


6-Pack of Lessons


Valkkyrie Dog Training

Who are the Private Sessions Best for?

I particularly recommend this course if you are a “hands on” person that wants to learn a bit about dog training theory in order to implement and progress in the training yourself.  After all, it will build a better relationship between you and your canine companion.

I will empower you to better understand your dog, get a grasp of where they are training-wise and get an idea of how to keep improving.

Book a 30 min phone consultation FREE,
and let’s see how I can best help you meet your goals.