Most common dog training issues are simple matters, usually stemming from a lack of understanding and communication between owners and their dogs, or from undeveloped self-control (on the dog’s side!)

What proper training means will vary depending on your goals. For pets, you’ll want to ensure that they properly respect you as a “teacher,” and know how to follow your commands. For service dog training, you’ll want a Service Dog that can ignore everything in a bustling environment to come to your aid: from blowing past other dogs to dodging children trying to pet it, and disregarding even the tastiest looking food within range. 

In either situation, I can get you and your dog there!

Hi, I’m Rose, and as an experienced canine trainer and registered AKC German Shepherd Breeder, I am prepped and ready to help you establish a relationship of mutual respect and admiration with your pet.

Each Dog Has Its Own Learning Curve

There is no one size fits all solution. Breed, temperament, environment, all of this contributes to the behavior of your dog and what sort of training it will respond to best. 

I’ll spend as much time as necessary with you and your family to understand your specific needs, starting from orientation 😊. 

Here are some of the most common services that I help my clients with:

Domestic Dog Training

Service Dog Training

Note: My Service Dog training is a particularly exclusive program, and I take on clients on a case-by-case basis since many dogs are not cut out for it. 

Success Stories

Valkyrie Dog Training has been proudly serving the Southeastern Wisconsin community,
here are some of the things our customers have to say about working with us:

Denyse Stoneman

We’ve recently worked with other trainers for our two strong-willed Goldendoodles, but found their approaches either heavy-handed or gimmicky. Not for us, nor effective with our dogs. We love Rose’s background and abilities as a former K-9 cop, as well as her honest, straightforward approach. She really listens and offers no gimmicks. We’ve only just started, but are feeling hopeful. Highly recommend.

Genie Trewyn

Working with Rose was easy and effective! She came to our home and really listened to our concerns and provided us with easy to use techniques. I would highly recommend her in providing quality training for any age dog.

Eric Rocha

Talk about top notch!!! Rose is an absolute professional when it comes to training . She makes sure you and your k9 Are on the same page at every visit .she can expertly answer any questions you may have during your training.Valkyrie dog training is hands down a must when looking for the best training for your k9. Would 100% recommend !!!!

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